Ebel Replicas

In 1911, Alice Blum started Fabrique Ebel, Blum & Cie working with four letters for new brand extracted from their unique: Engravings Blum et Levy. After its start in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Ebel's initially and technical flawlessness were widely known especially in the decorative ring timepieces establishing it as a trailblazer in the fine jewelry watch market. The company also well understood the output of robust high-performance watches and was thus a certified outfitted of the Royal Air Force during Second World War. Ebel's past is telling: Caliber 96, only 1.7 mm high, was a comet screaming the way toward the days of movement miniaturization. Caliber 059, on the other hand, was a movement the emblem developed in 1961 that has a crown on the case back so they won't disturb the flow of decorative watches. From 1977, the Classique and 1911 models set new standards in design and functionality-pillars that the brand has enhanced in recent history. Last Season, Ebel Replica Wristwatches also extended its Classic Hexagon line with the awesome chronograph model.

Just like its 1911 Tekton swiss watches, bigger is way better is the primary message here: having a diameter of 48.3 mm, the Classic Hexagon Chronograph unmistakable documents its demand for the line's top spot. Despite its dimensions, the wrist watch doesn't seem bulky on the wrist, for that quintessence of Ebel's characteristic case shape employing a curved hexagon takes clear effect. Combined with slanted strap lugs and the domed, modestly integrated buttons, the chronograph, whose case is seen as an alternating satin-finished and polished surfaces, hugs the wrist. Its movement technology combines tried-and-tested ETA quality with Dubois Module 4500, offering a hefty date along with the chronograph functions.